Basic Training (SD100)
Basic Training (SD100)
Welcome to SureDone Basic Training!
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Bulk Training (SD110)
Bulk Training (SD110)
Welcome to SureDone Bulk Training! This course will focus on bulk processing in SureDone, including the upload interface, workflow, editing items in bulk, adding new products and managing images.
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All About eBay (sd210)
All About eBay (sd210)
This intense training will focus on using eBay on the SureDone platform. We will discuss eBay listing types (fixed price vs. auctions), ebay listing options (categories, templates and more), eBay settings and eBay specific bulk management features.
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All About Amazon (SD220)
All About Amazon (SD220)
This in depth training will focus on Amazon in SureDone, including listing methods, channel settings, field (XML) mappings, adding products singly and in bulk, and how to ensure you are successful at listing on Amazon.
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All About Variations (SD230)
All About Variations (SD230)
This in depth training will focus on variations in SureDone, including what they are, how they differ between channels, how to use them on eBay and Amazon, and how to add variations as a single item or using our bulk management tools.
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